Aims and Objectives

We try to ensure that the Cave Hill's natural environment and public amenity value are protected and, where possible, enhanced. We produce a periodic newsletter, The Cave Hill Campaigner, which keeps members and others up to date with current issues affecting the Cave Hill and the Campaign's activities.


Other activities include:


  • Organising volunteering activities, such as removing litter, planting trees and clearing invasive species.

  • Opposing inappropriate development proposals.

  • Collecting data on patterns of use of the Cave Hill, and users' views, by carrying out user surveys.

  • Seeking to influence relevant statutory bodies, such as Belfast City Council.

  • Seeking to promote the adoption of a comprehensive management strategy for the Cave Hill.

  • Working with the other Belfast Hills groups on the Belfast Hills Partnership.

  • Developing this website as a reliable and up to date source of information about the Cave Hill, in the context of the other Belfast Hills.










The Campaign's objectives are as follows:


  • To secure the preservation of the Cave Hill as a natural and unspoiled environment.

  • To encourage public access for appropriate purposes.

  • To encourage Belfast City Council (the principal landowner) to adopt an environmentally-friendly management strategy for the Cave Hill.

  • To oppose all intrusive development.

  • To oppose further degradation of the Belfast Hills.

  • To support the implementation of environmentally friendly policies for the Belfast Hills.

  • To support the creation of public rights of way across the Belfast Hills.

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Registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC104466.  Cave Hill Conservation Campaign is a company limited by guarantee NI070176

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