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The Daddystown Booklets

by Sam Moore

telling the story of a small settlement on the slopes of Cave Hill


Cave Hill Conservation Campaign would like to thank the author of Daddystown for making the photos, pictures and history of Daddystown available for publication by Cave Hill Conservation Campaign.  

Please note that the images and text of Daddystown may not be copied or share without obtaining prior permission


To read these booklets:

Click on the Daddystown iicon and / or on the More of Daddystown icon

daddystown more.jpg

Paintings of Daddystown

cavehill cottages 1.jpg

This is an extremely old painting by Laura hields, who had connections with the Blair family.  Laura Shiels, a distant relative, sent a photo of the painting to Sam Moore after reading his book about Daddystown.   


This is an extremely old painting of Daddystown by Pat Jenkins, the photo of which was sent by Laura Shiels to Sam Moore.  Note that the artist has involved her notion of North Belfast in those bygone years in the background to the right.   

cottages 23.jpg

This picture of Daddystown was painted by a young scout in the 1950s.  He had been inspired through a pencil drawing by his Scout Master, Sam Clyde. The young scout put the painting forward to obtain a scout badge.

Dadtown trees.jpg

This picture, 'Trees on Cave Hill', was painted by Denis Kelly, in 2006

Signature is below

Dad Signature.jpg
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