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The White Stone of Cave Hill

"The White Stone of Cave Hill" was first painted during WW2 by a postman named William Adair Caulfield who lived at Cavehill Cottage. He was commissioned to do so by the then War Department and also to keep it white for the duration of the war. This was to serve as a landmark for allied aircraft coming into land at Nutts Corner airfield and Langford military airbase. 


When this first came to the knowledge of Cave Hill Conservation Campaign in Aug. 2015, verified by a granddaughter of William, we decided to campaign for the recognition of the role played by "The White Stone" during WW2.


With this information, we contacted the Dept of the Environment Historical Monuments Division which very quickly responded to these facts and leads to "The White Stone" being given the title of a "Recorded Historical Landmark". It's also registered on the Department's Map Viewer and Google Earth/Maps.


Furthermore, we tendered our intention to Belfast City Council to have a "Plaque" installed at the site to inform all who may pass by of "Its" unique history. The proposal was readily agreed upon with an official unveiling of the "Plaque" by Belfast Lord Mayor Nuala McAllister taking place on 11/8/17 in Belfast Castle. It was then duly installed on 1/9/17 to the side of "The White Stone" which is visible from many areas of Belfast.

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