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Have you seen a Squirrel or Pine Marten?


Ulster Wildlife, in conjunction with NUI Galway and Vincent Wildlife Trust Ireland, launched the 2019 All Ireland Squirrel and Pine Marten survey.

The survey has been undertaken since the early 1970s and in the most recent survey in 2012, included the first indication that the grey squirrel was retreating in certain areas where the pine marten had recovered. The red squirrel, another native species, also showed signs of recovery as a result. 
The 2019 survey is happening at a crucial point seven years after the initial questions were raised that led to Emma Sheehy’s conclusive findings that the pine marten was indeed having a significant impact. We will now get to see if this trend is continuing, has halted or has even reversed.

In order to investigate this, however, we need as many sightings reported of red squirrels, grey squirrels and pine marten as possible.

We are inviting all members of the public to report sightings throughout 2019 to and in particular, we welcome any related photos or videos.
As well as reporting your sightings, please forward this email to any friends, family or other networks that you have, to help us to build a comprehensive picture of these species across Ireland.


Report a sighting here.

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