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Will you be a voice for Nature

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Time is running out for the wildlife and wild places, we all love. Right now, we have less than a week to try to secure a strong Environment Strategy for Northern Ireland to help nature recover.

Over 600 people have already spoken up for nature at this critical time by signing our simple e-action. Will you help us reach 700? It only takes 30 seconds to add your name and shape history. 

If you've already added your voice, thank you. Perhaps you can help spread the word by asking your family and friends to play their part too? 

We need to act fast to make a wilder future possible. The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs is only seeking people's views on future environmental protections here until 23 December. If nature’s recovery is not incorporated now, the opportunity could be lost forever. We need your help to send a loud message that business as usual is not good enough; we need an ambitious and legally binding plan to protect and restore our wildlife and wild places. 
One of the solutions we would like to see adopted in the strategy is a ‘Nature Recovery Network’. This is a nationwide map for nature that identifies the corridors and areas of habitat where existing wildlife needs protecting, where wild spaces and species can be restored, and where we need more. It will connect wild places and bring wildlife into our lives – turning nature’s recovery from an aspiration to a reality.
The more voices we have calling for a 'Wilder Future' in Northern Ireland, the more power we have to achieve one.

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